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I would like to thank you for considering our office to represent you with regard to your recent accident or injury.  I am writing this in order to provide you with a brief outline as to how your case will be handled.  We have found in our 40 plus years of practice that an early explanation as to how your case will proceed is a great aid in our continuing attorney / client relationship.  We have represented thousands of injured people in a vast variety of cases.  From children yet unborn to the very elderly, from catastrophic injuries and death to minor fender benders.

We initially interview you.  We take general personal information about you and some specific information with regard to your accident, the place of the accident, who is responsible, the general nature of your injuries, and information relative to your treating physicians.  Thereafter, a file is opened by us and we utilize the information we obtained from you in connection with our investigation of your accident.  Many times we utilize the services of professional investigators and various experts to help us win your case and recover the highest award of damages possible.

We will be notifying the potential responsible parties, along with any insurance company providing coverage for the payment of your medical coverage, auto damage, deductible, rental car, wage losses and full compensation for all your pain and suffering that you have retained us as your attorneys or we will be notifying these defendants relative to your own insurance and will likewise be placing your own insurance company on notice of our representation.  If you have given a statement to either insurance company prior to retaining us, we will attempt to obtain copies of these statements for your file.

In most cases we will also be forwarding letters to all of your treating physicians and hospitals, notifying them that you have retained us to represent you.  We will be asking them for copies of medical records and reports pertaining to your injuries.  The most important instruction that we can give you at this time is that you not speak to anyone other than this office with regard to your accident.  If you are contacted by an insurance company or an investigator, you should provide no information whatsoever without first speaking to us.  In a situation where you have exhausted your insurance coverage, we will attempt to ask your creditors to wait for payment of their bills until the conclusion of your case.  Although most creditors will agree to accept such a letter of protection, we cannot force them to accept this.

Our initial investigation will involve gathering such things as police reports and speaking to various witnesses whose names you may have provided to us.  If necessary, we will also take photographs of the accident scene and in some cases may have to retain a professional engineer to reconstruct your accident or to render a professional opinion relative to your case.  We may also contact the director of internal revenue, your employers, school, or other persons who may have information we need relative to assisting in the handling of your case and maximizing your compensation.



It is important that you understand that we will make no attempt whatsoever to settle your case until your medical treatment has concluded or you have reached a plateau and you have so advised us.  The reason for this is that the exact nature of your injuries cannot be determined until the conclusion of your treatment.  Therefore, we are unable to place a value on your case until all medical treatment has been concluded.  It can generally take several months to gather the required information from your doctor until he/she discharged you.  Prior to obtaining your medical records we will forward to you a medical treatment summary form which we ask that you complete relative to all treating physicians.  You must understand that only the doctors and hospitals which are provided by you on this informational form will be contacted by us.  Therefore, it is important that you keep track throughout your medical treatment as to the doctors you see, the diagnostic tests you are given, the prescriptions you receive, and any hospitals you may visit.  You should also keep track of any expenses you incur and likewise keep track of days you miss from employment as a result of the injuries you may have sustained. 

As soon as the investigation has been completed and all necessary medical information has been obtained we will evaluate your case for purposes of making a settlement demand on any potential defendant.  Remember some injuries are so catastrophic that the medical treatment cannot be concluded prior to the two year statute of limitations and a law suit is filed before any settlement negotiations are attempted.



It is also important that you understand that in most cases we do not start a law suit until we have made an attempt to amicably settle your case after your medical treatment has been completed.  However, in other cases it may be necessary to start a law suit at the beginning of the case depending on who the responsible party may be or the position they have taken as to who is responsible.

A law suit is started by serving the responsible party called a “defendant” with a legal document which is called a “complaint”.  The complaint is a legal pleading which states in summary form the allegations of negligence and the injuries or damages you have sustained.  Once this is served on the defendant, the defendant is usually forced to retain an attorney so that an answer can be filed to the complaint.

I would like to point out that although a lawsuit may be started, settlement is always possible and it very often may occur just prior to an arbitration or trial.



After a lawsuit has been initiate both sides have the right to obtain information about the case by way of “discovery process”.  The discovery process may involve your answering written questions which are called “interrogatories”.  You also may be requested to attend a independent medical examination by a doctor who is chosen by the defendant.  Likewise, you may be requested to come to our office or the defendant’s attorney’s office to give you a “deposition”.  This is a process in which the defendant's attorney may ask you questions about your case prior to trial.  Likewise, we may take the deposition of the defendants prior to trail. 

A deposition is testimony which is given under oath in the presence of the attorneys and a court stenographer who takes down the testimony and creates “notes of testimony” which can later can be used at the time of trial. 

Interrogatories are written questions which either attorney may submit, and which have to be used at the time of trial. 

Generally, both interrogatories and depositions help to develop the facts necessary to win your lawsuit and obtain maximum compensation.  Remember, we cannot be paid an attorney's fee until you receive due compensation.  We are motivated in attempting to provide you full recovery because our fees are bases on that recovery value.

If the defendant requests that you be examined by a physician of their choice, they will pay the costs of this examination and a report will be issued by the examining doctor.  We have a right to obtain a copy of that report and a copy will be provided to you.  Of course we attend all defense medical exams with our clients to observe the doctors conduct and yours.  This insures the doctor does not ask you inappropriate questions or engage in improper conduct.  Remember these doctors are well paid to testify against you!

Once again, at any time during this discovery process settlement may occur.  We must emphasize that at all times you must be candid since your failure to provide information in your interrogatories or during your deposition could hurt you case at a later date.

It is you that must determine if you are going to accept the defendant’s highest offer to settle and if you are satisfied that you are being fully compensated.  If the settlement offer is insufficient many times you have no alternative but to file a lawsuit.



If after concluding the discovery process we are unable to settle your case, your case will then go to either arbitration or trial depending on the amount of money which we are seeking.  This will be explained to you prior to requesting arbitration or trial.  Once again, cases are often settled within a few days of the arbitration hearing or trial date.  If your case cannot be settled for a fair amount of money, we will, with your permission, proceed to arbitration or trial.  Before we go to arbitration or trial we will spend time on detailed preparation of your case.  It will be necessary for you to come to our office either in advance or in some cases on the day of the arbitration or trial to prepare you for these proceedings.

It is absolutely necessary that we have your complete cooperation in helping us prepare for your trial.

We would also bring to your attention that the insurance companies involved have an index system on a nationwide basis which shows all of the people that have made claims before for other injuries.  If you have made such a claim in another accident for another injury, your name will be in the index and they will have this information.  You are therefore urged to be absolutely frank with us with regard to prior accidents, lawsuits, and injuries.  Your failure to provide this information once again could hurt your case.



The information being provided to you is very general in nature and each case must be evaluated individually as to how it will proceed.  Although we will personally supervise the handling of your file, it is necessary that you understand that you should cooperate will all attorneys, legal assistants or other staff of this office who may contact you as your file will be handled on a “team” approach.  Therefore, it is possible that you may be contacted by one of the other attorneys in this office with regard to answering interrogatories, preparing for a deposition or going to arbitration/trial. 

We will make every effort to keep you informed as to the progression of your case.  However, we want you to understand that if you have any questions whatsoever at any time please do not hesitate to contact us personally and we will make every effort to get back to you within a short period of time.

I don’t get paid until you get paid.  If I can’t get you compensated, it costs you nothing.

Please be careful to read the following suggestions:

Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorneys or your doctors.

Do not sign anything with respect to your claim until you have checked with your attorney.

Obtain receipts and keep records of all drugs, appliances or bills incurred as a result of your injuries.

Notify your attorney at once of any change of address, employment or other facts which affect your case.

If you are going to be out of town for more than a few days, please call your attorney and inform him of this fact.

If, after consulting us, you miss any work because of your injuries, please notify us right away of your absences.

Should you go to the hospital at any time, please notify us of the date of visit, the purpose of the visit and if you receive a bill, please provide copies of any and all bills.

If you are self-employed, keep a record of all times that you have been unable to work or perform your duties or miss any time.

Keep a diary regarding your recovery from your injuries.  This will be
extremely helpful to you to explain the nature of your injuries at a later date.

You are under no duty to talk to anyone.  They have no right to interview you or ask you questions once you have retained us to represent you.  Such discussions cannot help your case, they can only damage and possibly be detrimental to your case.  Refer all such persons to your attorneys if they contact you.

Do not think that harm cannot be done to your case as long as you do not sign or initial statement.  Your oral statements can be equally damaging.  Any statement, whether written or oral, can be introduced into evidence against you at the time of your arbitration hearing or trial.

This is by no means a complete list.  The only instruction we can give you is when in doubt, keep a written record of all items of expense that you think might conceivably be related to your injury.

Once again, we thank you for having consulted our office.

Let me help you:

Get a rental car;
Get your car repaired;
Get your deductible paid;
Get your medical bills paid;
Get your lost wages;
Get your future lost wages;
Get you compensated fully for pain and suffering;
Get your spouse compensated for their loss too.


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